October 12th 2018
New Lineup!


Dear Friends, Fiends and Fans!

We've been busy getting the band back in shape.
Right now, we'd like to welcome and introduce to you our new like-minded brothers:
On drums: Mr Rik Haaksman, and on guitar: Mr Jim Meyer.
Both are driven to bring Onegodless to a new level.
Be sure to keep an eye out for ONEGODLESS early 2019. We have some new tunes lined up for you guys.

Hope to see you live @ one of our shows!

Stay heavy!

Promo picture by Bastiaan Reiters

February 11th 2018
Drummer Down



After a mysterious rehearsal incident, drummer Yuma van Eekelen is no longer drumming with Dutch stonergroovemetal band ONEGODLESS. The band is currently auditioning drummers.

The band states: "It all happened really fast. Yuma kept saying the bass was too loud.. After some time, he walked over to the amps to turn it down. Next thing we know, Yuma was crushed under the bass amps. Even though Yuma is pretty gigantic, he apparently was no match for the heaviness of the riffs..."
DRUMS vs. BASS: 0 - 1

Yuma can be seen in ONEGODLESS' music video "The Calm":

June 8th 2017

Check out the entire album:

"Metal, stoner, blues and heavy-groovy rock are blended together into a ferocious-sounding mix that often reminds of bands like Down and Pantera, their swinging bluesmetal brutally pounds its way from the stereo to your ears. It is simply impossible to sit still while listening to this record." 78/100 -Lords of Metal

"The characteristically riff-oriented rock sounds like a technical version of Pantera or a straight-forward Mastodon. Great riffs to bang your head to." 78/100 -Metalfan

"Dutch sons of Pantera that produced a wonderfully sludgy heavystonerbluesgrooverocksludgemetal record!" 95/100 -Rock Tribune

"Perfect for fans of seriously grooving metal bands like Lamb Of God, Pantera and Exhorder." - Aardschok

May 24th 2017

We're online with a brand new website, thanks to Tymeister Kruideawesome.